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There are four stages to effectively revise. This strategy is called SORT and will help you to memorise and recall key information:


Summarise your class notes using flash cards, mind maps, Cornel notes, revision clocks etc

This will form the majority of home learning activities and should be ongoing throughout the learning cycles

  • Cornell Notes
  • Flash cards
  • Mind mapping
  • Revision clocks
  • Dual coding


Organise you revision materials by topic/sub topic. Traffic light your PLC sheets to identify areas of weakness or gaps

This should be done at the beginning of each learning cycle. And revisited each time you master a topic or sub-topic

  • How to use your PLC
  • How to schedule your home learning and stick to it!


Use active recall and spaced repetition to memorise the knowledge until you can recall the Information eg. Look, cover, write, blurt it or self-testing

This will be part of the expectation of home learning activities set – you need to actively memorise key knowledge and skills

  • Look cover & test
  • Leitner system
  • Blurt it
  • Transform it


Use low stakes online tests/quizzes and answer high stakes past paper/sample questions to check and apply knowledge and understanding

This will be done as part of every home learning activity and as part of retrieval starters in lessons.

  • Low stakes
  • Self-quizzing
  • Quiz each other
  • Online quizzes
  • High stakes
  • Exam style questions


Head to our dedicated SORT YouTube channel for further resources: