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Inclusion (SEND) Hub

Welcome to the Poltair Inclusion Hub.

Here you will find all the information and support we offer to our SEND students. Sometimes, our learners need a little bit of help to reach their potential, be confident and build character. At Poltair we believe that all students have educational equity and this means providing a rich, diverse and supportive environment with effective and targeted support when needed.  


The SEND provision at Poltair is evolving all the time and we are committed to working collaboratively with both professionals and parent/carers to ensure each of our learners achieves their ambitions to the best of their abilities.  


Our work within the SEND department follows the Graduated Response framework in Cornwall. We have continuous regard for and alignment to the SEND Code of Practise when carrying out duties towards learners with additional needs. We ensure that all parent/carers are notified when SEND provision is being given. We deliver timely consultation, three times a year both face to face and digitally to ensure all parent/carers can contribute to their child’s SEND provision. It’s this engagement which is invaluable in meeting each student’s individual needs.