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Sparx Maths

For Secondary schools, Sparx Maths delivers personalised intelligent maths practice, that is proven to boost grades.

1 hour of Sparx Maths a week significantly improves student grades.

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Rewards and Sanctions

Students XP points will also be celebrated in assemblies:  

  • The tutor group in each year group with the highest average XP will be celebrated 

  • The highest earning XP point scorer in each year group for the preceding week will get a lunch jump pass for that week  

Sparx Maths Parent Video

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Sparx Maths at Poltair FAQs

Why Sparx Maths?  

Sparx is a research driven homework programme which has been proven to positively and significantly impact progress.  

What is the deadline for Sparx homework?  

Tuesday at 7am, though we recommend students having attempted all questions by Sunday evening, as this allows them time to come along to the Sparx Support session on Monday to get support with any questions which they are finding challenging 

How do I login to Sparx?  

Visit and type in the school name. The only option which will be available will be to “Log into Sparx using Microsoft”.  

Use the school login details- the same username and password as would be used to login to a school computer.  

Reminder, the second part of the school email address is: 

Once you have logged in on a device once, it will remember the details.  

Why does the score need to be 100% 

Each Sparx homework is bespoke to the student- Sparx is always collecting data about the working speed and level of each students and tailors the homework to suit their needs.  

Achieving 100% builds confidence in Maths, and there is lots of support to help students get to 100%.  

What is included in each homework?

  • Consolidation of current learning 

  • Retrieval of skills previously identified as needing improvement 

  • Times tables practice 

What is bookwork? 

Students are required to write bookwork codes and full workings for their homework. Maths teachers will check this bookwork to make sure that students’ mathematical communication is clear.  

Students will be intermittently asked to do bookwork checks, meaning they will need to give the answer to a previous question, and it highlights the importance of writing down the workings.  

There is more information about bookwork here:  

What support is on offer for students?

  • Each question has a 1 minute video associated to it which talks through a similar question 

  • We offer Sparx Support sessions 3 times a week where students can come along and a Maths teacher will help them with the questions  

  • The Arc is open during break and lunchtimes  

  • Homework club runs after school 

When/where are the Sparx support sessions? 

  • Monday 

  • Tuesday  

  • Thursday 

Break 2 in W4.  

There will be a Mahs teacher present who will help the students understand questions that they have not been able to answer with the videos.  

When should a student come to a Sparx support session?  

Once a question has been attempted and a video has been watched. Sparx will prompt students to “Seek help from your teacher” and at that point they should bring their bookwork along to a support session and get help.  

Does a Sparx support session last for all of lunchtime 

Yes, but a student does not need to stay for the full session- they can drop in and seek help as they need.  

How can students have their lunch if the support session is during breaktime?  

Students are welcome to eat their lunch during the support session.  

What is XP?  

XP stands for Experience Points. These are earned whenever any tasks are completed on Sparx Maths. The more Sparx you do, the more XP you earn.  

What are XP Boost and Target?

Compulsory homework is the only homework which students are required to complete. However, Sparx generates two extra Homework tasks each week for students that wish to go above and beyond, and earn themselves some extra XP!  

XP boost is further consolidation of current learning and Target homework is designed to challenge students.  

What is Independent Learning?

There is a library of over 20,00 questions which students can access at any time. Each set of question had a code, and students will receive these codes after they complete assessments and in relation to their lessons.  

Students can use the Independent Learning section of Sparx to practice questions at any time. It is a good way to revise for assessments and to consolidate learning.  

How are parents/carers involved in Sparx? 

There is a parent portal which can be accessed at any time.  

Parents/carers also receive an email 3 days prior to the deadline with an update on how their child is progressing.  

Where can I learn more about Sparx?  

There is more information on the SparxMaths website here: