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SEND Provision at Poltair School

Poltair School is a mainstream secondary school  and we are committed to providing for students with a range of SEND including those who are on the record of need and with an EHCP. We are also committed to supporting all of our colleagues in school to provide them with an initial wave of classroom support via High Quality Adaptive Teaching and Learning.  


Our school meets the following special educational needs and disabilities: 

  • Cognition and learning – Moderate learning difficulties, Specific Learning Difficulties associated with Literacy or Numeracy 
  • SEMH(Social, emotional, mental health) including anxiety, EBSA, Attachment disorder 
  • Communication and Interaction – Autism Spectrum and ADHD(both with and without a diagnosis), Speech and language difficulties 
  • Sensory and/or Physical – Visual or hearing impairments, physical impairments 


Importantly, we recognise that each student is an individual and we ensure a ‘needs neutral’ approach in understanding how to apply and measure the impact of a provision or supporting intervention.  


Below are some of the key provisions we have built so far at Poltair. More are in the pipeline as our school continues to grow.  


Positive Start Club

8.10am – 8.30am each morning in the Learning Support Centre. This enables students to have a calm, positive start to their day. It’s an opportunity for students to organise themselves, check equipment, complete homework or review timetables for the day/week. One of our Inclusion Team is on hand to help and guide students where they need it to have their best day ahead. 

Break Time Club

For students who sometimes find the busier areas of the school or the canteen overwhelming we offer a calm space during breaks in the Learning Support Centre. This is an opportunity for students to each lunch in a peaceful environment, play board games, chat quietly and prepare for the remainder of their day. Please note that attendance at the Club is by invitation only so that the Inclusion team can monitor numbers and ensure those that need a calmer space always have access to it.   

Literacy and Numeracy Support

Students identified as needing support with numeracy and literacy can take part in the IDL programme. These are computer based multi-sensory system interventions to increase their numeracy, reading and spelling abilities. Lessons are held in school and/or made available for students to complete at home. As they move through the programme they we check progress regularly and share their successes with the students. 

Managing Anxiousness Intervention

Run by Miss Laurie our Assistant SENDCO and Autism Champion with mentoring and oversight from the Autism Team, this is a 6-week programme designed to teach students how to recognise unhelpful thoughts and employ strategies to overcome their anxiousness. Each session is held weekly in the Inclusion Hub using a modular approach to build self-understanding, practise strategies to take away and share their learning in safe and positive environment. The programme is open to all students (not just those who experience Autism).  

Social Thinking Intervention 

A taught programme of 6 sessions based on the work of Michelle Garcia Winner’s excellent work on Social Understanding and how to navigate the tricky arena of social interactions as a teen. Each session is focused on verbal and non verbal communication, how to think with our eyes, recognise social cues and respond appropriately. For many young people (and older ones too!), our ability to understand the social world is essential for successful and effective communication in school and the wider world beyond.  

Wellbeing Centre

We work very closely with our Pastoral team colleagues and there is a joined up approach to provision where students experience difficulties with SEMH. Our brand new Well Being Hub is open to students who require more bespoke and targeted or individual support from both SEND and Pastoral teams.