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Meet the SEND Team


Joe McGovern
Trust SENDCo

Areas of interest: Understanding the barriers to learning that children face. 

What I’m good at: Listening and being solution focused.

What I’d like to be better at: Playing a musical instrument. 

Verity Waters
Assistant Headteacher in charge of Inclusion and SEND

Areas of interest: Extremely passionate about giving students the right support so they can choose what they want to do after finishing school.

What I’m good at: All kinds of sport but in school I pride myself on being able to work with all students and building good working relationships with people.

What I’d like to be better at: Cooking, this is not my strength, there have been a lot of overcooked meals in the past.

Kim Taylor
Operational SENDCo


Anna Daniel
SEN Identification and Access Specialist


Areas of interest: Understanding how we all learn, accessibility of exams.  

What I’m good at: Learning through doing things myself rather than watching others. 

What I’d like to be better at: Sewing and having more patience. 

Jackie Laurie
Assistant SENDCo and Autism Champion


Area of interest: learning from neurodivergent people, social thinking, managing anxiousness.  

What I’m good at: Listening. Writing. Cooking (cakes!).  

What I’d like to be better at: Drawing and maths.