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Communicating with Parents/Carers

We have worked very hard over the past 18 months to build seamless tracking and monitoring into our SEND support. Our current model goes above and beyond that which is expected from all schools in terms of monitoring the effectiveness of SEND provision and ensuring parent/carers are consulted.  

Record of Need

All students on the Record of Need or whom have an EHCP have a Student Success Plan. This is detailed document which includes a summary of need or difficulties, a passport identifying key areas of difficulty, what this looks or feels like for the student and strategies to support the individual both in and outside of the classroom. Each Success Plan also records all interventions, provisions and impact to ensure effective measurement and monitoring over time. The Success Plan is a moving document and this means that it is continuously reviewed as the student moves through their learning journey with us.  

Students may stay on the Record of Need for the entire duration of their time at Poltair. Or, students may be on the RON for a short time whilst an intervention which is in addition to or different from that of their peers is in place. Parent/Carers are informed when a student is going to receive SEND provision and indeed when that provision ceases;  if the student’s needs no longer require targeted support above that which is given within High Quality Adaptive Teaching and Learning.  


Monitoring and Tracking SEND Students

A member of the Inclusion team is available at all parent/carer’s evenings and appointments can be booked via the online booking system on our website. This opportunity forms part of our Assess Plan Do Review structure (known as APDR) to enable us to monitor the effectiveness of provision in place. In addition, we consult all parent/carers termly via a digital questionnaire to ensure that each student’s needs are reviewed at least three times a year with input from families as part of this process.  


Inclusion Forums

As a team, we are continuously monitoring our own processes and we feel that parent/carers input into our planning is key. We host Engagement Forums where we invite parent/carers of SEND students to meet the team informally, share in a focus group discussion (facilitated by a member of the Inclusion team) and feedback on plans or new provisions. Parent/Carer collaboration is imperative to our success as an Inclusion Team and we are very grateful to our families who support these valuable sessions.