Quick Start Guide

Good Homework Guide

Over the course of the year, you will be expected to complete lots of different pieces of homework. To ensure you do your very best your teachers have put together a simple guide of what they think makes good quality homework. If you follow these guidelines we can guarantee that you will be producing good quality homework that will help you to make further progress in your lessons.

Wait for your teacher to give out all instructions for the homework and note down key information into your planner like the title, due date and success criteria. Ask any questions you may have at the end of the explanation.

If you are stuck with a piece of homework you can send a formal email to your teacher before the due date to get extra advice, or you can go and see them in person before school, at break time, at lunch time or after school.

Always plan your homework on spare paper (this can be provided by your clasroom teacher) first to get your ideas and thoughts down. At this stage it would be useful to talk to a family member or friend about what you plan to do, how you are going to do it and when you are going to do it.

Make sure you have all of the equipment that you need in your study space at home, this could include paper, colour pencils, scissors, glue - anything you do not have, you can always ask your teacher to lend the equipment to you.

Push yourself to achieve your best. Really challenge yourself, if you try something and it doesn't work out, it doesn't matter. Your classroom teacher will be interested in the amount of effort you've put in.

Make your work as neat as your can. Your teacher will want written work on full A4 pieces of paper and kept in a folder or plastic wallet or homework book (the school can provide these if you ask).

Your writing should be your very neatest and finished to the same standard as your classwork. You can use the 'Brilliant Presentation' guide to help you with this.

Ask yourself 'Have I tried my very best?' If the answer is yes you are ready to submit your homework!

Hand your homework in on the date that it is due, this should be written in your planner.

Homework Time Allocations (Total minutes per week.)

Subject Area 10 & 11 7 to 9
English 120 60
Maths 120 60
Science 120 60
Geography 60 30
History 60 30
MFL 60 30
Design Technology 60 Projects set over the term
Food 60
Art 90
Photography 90
Personal Development 30

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