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Welcome to the Governance section of the Poltair School Website. The Governing Board of Poltair School are all volunteers who represent the community and help shape the direction and aims of the School. Some are elected directly by parents and staff, while others are selected by the Local Authority or co-opted by the Governing Board.

The Governing Board have a number of functions, some of which are delegated to committees or to the Headteacher. Primarily our role is to support and challenge the school, its staff and students, to achieve the very best quality of secondary education. Groups of governors:

  • attend Full Governing Board meetings – 3 each year
  • undertake bespoke training and attend LA organized events
  • attend committee meetings
  • undertake staff interviews
  • visit the school and monitor the delivery of school policies
  • undertake the performance review of the headteacher
  • deal with serious matters of complaints and issues of capability and disciplinary nature

For more details please review the sections below and/or contact us through our Clerk to the Governing Board, Mrs Hilary Dipper, [email protected]

List Of Governors

The Clerk to the Governing Board is Mrs Hilary Dipper.


Construction of LGB & Pecuniary Interests

Information for Parents March 2021

How To Contact A Governor

All communications with members of the Governing Board should be made Care of...

By post:

  • Mrs Karen Yates
  • Poltair School
  • Trevarthian Road
  • St Austell
  • Cornwall
  • PL24 4BZ

By email:

Chair Of Governors Contact Information

  • Mrs Dilys Vincent
  • Clerk to the Governing Body
  • Poltair School
  • Trevarthian Road
  • St Austell
  • Cornwall
  • PL24 4BZ

By email:

Feedback & Concerns

All feedback and concerns will be taken very seriously. We also like to hear when you are pleased and you may wish to use the Parent View facility on the front page of the website.

The Governors will hear complaints about the School, but only after all efforts to resolve the problem have been exhausted.

Step 1: Contact your child’s tutor or subject teacher or the member of staff responsible for that area of the school to discuss the problem. If you are unsure who that is, the office staff will be pleased to point you in the right direction. If you remain unhappy, the Head of Faculty or Head of Year can be contacted.

Step 2: If previous efforts to help resolve the position have not worked, please contact the Head’s PA, Mrs E Pennell. A member of the Senior Leadership Team, usually the Deputy Head or one of the Assistant Heads will be assigned to investigate. If the issue remains unresolved, the Headteacher will follow up and get back to you.

Step 3: If further action is required, you may contact the Governors through their clerk, Mrs Hilary Dipper, as detailed above.

Please click here to view the Complaints Policy

How To Become A Governor Or Associate Member

Each Governing Body in England is required to have an “Instrument of Government” which lays out the membership. Regulations introduced in 2012 changed the format in response to Department for Education policy to reduce the number of Governors for each school. Our Governing Body was last reconstituted in June 2015.

Parent Governors are elected by the parent board as and when each Parent Governor Term of Office finishes. These are staggered so that elections are held in most years. They have a four year term of office. We have two Parent Governors. Any vacancies will be advertised on the website and a letter sent out to parents.

Trust Governors are elected by the St Austell Co-operative Trust. They have a four year term of office.

Co-opted Governors are people with particular expertise and skills (for example in finance, running a business, higher education) who are co-opted onto the governing body with the approval of the full Governing Body. They have a four year term of office. They may be parents, staff, or members of the wider community. There are currently six Co-opted Governors.

The Staff Governor is the single member of staff elected by all staff working in the school. They have a four year term of office.

The Headteacher is also a Governor and remains a Governor unless he resigns or retires from the post.

In 2015/16 we have introduced Associate Members to the Governing Body. These are additional parents, staff and members of the community who will be appointed to join a committee for one year as a non-voting member. The aim is to enhance the required Governor skills that we have identified through our own self-evaluation process.

In 2015/16 we introduced Associate Members to the Governing Body. These are additional parents, staff and members of the community who will be appointed to join a committee for one year as a non-voting member. The aim is to enhance the required Governor skills that we have identified through our own self-evaluation process.

Cornwall Council

Local Authority

Instrument Of Government: Foundation Schools

  1. The name of the School is Poltair School.
  2. The School is a foundation school with a foundation/ a qualifying foundation school (i.e. a Trust school).
  3. The name of the governing board is "The governing board of Poltair School."
  4. The governing board shall consist of :
    1. 2 parent governors
    2. 1 Local Authority governor
    3. 2 staff governors
    4. 5 co-opted governors
    5. 2 foundation/trust governors

  5. The total number of governors is 12.
  6. Foundation governors will be appointed by the 'St Austell Educational Trust'.
  7. The term of office of all categories of governor is four years.
  8. This instrument of government comes into effect on 4th June 2015.
  9. This instrument was amended by order of Cornwall Local Authority on 10 June 2015.

Code Of Conduct For School Governors In Cornwall - Poltair School

Accepted by Poltair School Governing Board in September 2016

In ensuring that they support the aims and objectives of the School and that they fulfil their legal responsibilities Governors will work within the following broad principles of good practice:

  • Understanding that the principle concern of the Governor is the strategic leadership and welfare of the School, maintaining the focus on school improvement and raising standards of educational provision for the pupils including all five outcomes for children and young people identified in the Children Act 2004.
  • Prioritising as far as possible attendance and participation at all meetings and showing a commitment to the School by involvement in School life.
  • Ensuring, in all actions and decisions, that the safety of young people is paramount.
  • Recognising the responsibilities of the headteacher for the day to day leadership and management of the School.
  • Acting in accordance with School policies and protocols, including those relating to Governor visits to the School.
  • Respecting the confidentiality of the work of the Governing Board and particularly those items which the Governing Board decides from time to time should remain confidential.
  • Ensuring diversity and equal opportunity across the School community and treating all members of the School and Governing Board with respect and sensitivity, listening and responding to alternative views.
  • Declaring any personal interest or potential personal gain from service as a Governor, and withdrawing from discussion or decision-making when it may directly or indirectly benefit self, family or business associates.
  • Undertaking personal development as a Governor and engaging in appropriate training to keep knowledge and understanding at a level which best serves the interests of the School.
  • Showing loyalty to the School by promoting its positive reputation in the wider community and exercising collective responsibility for decisions of the Governing Body.
  • Developing effective working relationships with other Colleges, the Local Authority and relevant agencies to meet the needs of every child in and beyond the School.

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