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We have just spent two days on a work experience placement, as part of our BTEC Workskills course, with the Army at Okehampton Camp on Dartmoor. It was hard work and there were a lot of sergeants telling us what to do!

We had to do drill including running with all our equipment and heavy boots and Bergens. We practised teamwork skills by completing various challenges. We were introduced to prone gun action and found out about shooting and what to do if your gun jams. I (Gerson) came second in the gunskills test. We also went paintballing and hit targets.

The food was good but we had to run from our quarters to fetch it from the canteen. If we didn't run fast enough we had to do press-ups as a punishment! At the end we went out on the moors and hid in ditches and commandos with guard dogs had to come and find us. It was quite scary! We were wearing camouflage paint and camouflaged our bodies and heads. We crawled along with all our kit so it was quite difficult.

The best bit was the assault course especially when we had to wade through a huge pool of muddy water.

One night we slept in a dormitory but the other night we had to sleep outside with just a poncho and a sleeping bag for protection.

It was a great experience all round.


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