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On Wednesday this week all year 7 students were able to take part in a special event to experience and understand how STEM subject skills are used and applied in industry. The interactive sessions were delivered by STEM practitioners, including lecturers from Cornwall College St Austell and Devon & Cornwall Police.

Activities included:

  • Invasive species - How river habitats can be altered drastically with the presence of an invasive species using microscopes in the lab
  • Energy and electrical engineering - Calculating energy output from different types of light bulbs and using a thermal imaging camera
  • Sport Science - Fitness testing procedures used to assess athletes using heart rate monitors, blood pressure monitors, speed gates and jump matts to assess athletes fitness levels
  • Air Quality - Creating a "GIS map", monitoring real-time pollution and making a dust monitor.
  • Speed trap - Speed = distance / time. Manual trigonometry and using a speed camera.

Here's what Year 7 said about their special STEM day:

'I loved looking through the microscope at the bugs' Solomon

'I enjoyed working with the Police looking at how speed cameras work as I want to be a police officer when I am older' Callum

'I found working out my blood pressure and looking at how the body works fun and interesting' Kelly-Marie

I enjoyed the activity with all the types of light including infra-red because the presenter was humorous' Jaime



Free Software For Children

Following our upgrade to Office 365 we can now offer all students free licenses to use the latest version of Microsoft Office at home, this includes Microsoft Office on a Mac, and also Microsoft Office on Android or iOS.

Office 365 At Poltair

Click the link above to download your copy now!