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Ten Tors 2019

Ten Tors changes all those involved; participant, parent, family, friend, checker, Team Manager. 400 teams of six walk 35, 45 or 55 miles depending on age over the rough terrain of Dartmoor, visiting ten nominated tors over two days. The teams must be self-sufficient & camp overnight.

As Team Manager, the journey for the young people involved is a truly great one - who could believe so many have never been to Dartmoor or walked across its rough terrain. Eight months later, the team have bonded & created trust, belief & friendship in each other like no other. I am proud to be a Team Manager & I am so proud of my participants of 2019. - Siagian, Jess (Team Leader); Townsend, Tia-Louise; Batten, Elliot; Higgerson, Misha; Powell, Seb and Richards, Emily. Tom Preston-Harley completed 45 mile with Mount Kelly Perthyans. Long may their journey continue.

'I am proud to have been selected as Team Leader, completed Ten Tor's and brought the whole team back in one piece.

The training was the hardest part. In the end, all the training was worth it because as soon as we were on the start line and the reality set in, we felt prepared for anything that could come our way on the challenge; poor visibility, marsh and bog, sweltering heat, horrendous rain, hail, winds strong enough to knock people over, we were set and ready for anything!

On the day, 10th of May when we sat on the start line putting sunscreen on, looking over the terrain, recognising our surroundings from previous walks, we were ready - the adrenaline and anticipation of walking with 400 different teams from all across the moor finally kicked in.

At the start it felt like we were in a tide of hundreds of people all heading for the same tor, teams all clinging together making sure they did not lose each other in the havoc. Eventually, the teams separated and our small team of six were alone on the moor.

We camped at our 7th checkpoint, making good progress on the first day.

We may have started with much more potential members of the 35 mile team, but we had a strong unit of diverse people who all worked together to get every single one of us across that finish line. In doing so, we reached our personal goals and we definitely reached our goals as a team.

I am looking forward to being back on the moor next year.' SIAGIAN, Jess; Team Leader.

Ten Tors 2019

The journey for the participants of Ten Tors 2019 has been a long one filled with challenging conditions over and over again! The team have learnt from so many different scenarios and when it came to the MOCK, this was the turning point for the team.

'We pushed ourselves to our limits and found out what we were really capable of. We were navigationally challenged throughout training and made the mistakes early on. We made errors and learnt how to improve. We worked really well as a team and all pulled through it together.

In no time at all, we were stood at the start line at Anthony stile. We saw over 400 teams of six race to their first checkpoint and that is when it finally sunk in. This was Ten Tors 2019. We continued to push hard. This was it, we were sticking as a team - we were never going to quit.

As we came over the final hill and the finish line came in sight, the smile on our faces were the biggest grins I have ever seen us have. The feeling of crossing the finish line was the best feeling I have ever had and I would recommend Ten Tors to anyone.' TOWNSEND, Tia-Louise; Deputy Team Leader.

Ten Tors 2019

The moto I created at Poltair's first Ten Tors many years ago remains strong, 'Start together hike together finish together.' H Blackburn Poltair Ten Tors Team Manager 1127


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