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Ten Tors Training 2019 Week 9

The Poltair Ten Tors team of 2019 have spent 8 months of tough physical training and learning the theory behind the practice to prepare for the annual Ten Tors Challenge. The team has been through so much to be in the position they are right now.

'Our MOCK training weekend went well in terms of improvement with physical and mental ability. We started out feeling very positive and determined to complete. We hit the first few checkpoints ahead of time. We faced many challenged within the team but worked together to push on through. We arrived at camp and quickly cooked and ate as the light faded and then straight to sleep. Everyone worked well together when striking camp the next morning!

On day 2 we met many more challenges but pushed onwards and some made it to the last two checkpoints in really good time - overall we had a positive feeling about our final training before Ten Tors 2019.' Tia-Louise Townsend.

The Poltair Ten Tors team is awaiting final selection of the team of 6. The complete team includes; BATTEN, Elliot; BRASSINGTON, Kaycee; HIGGERSON, Misha; LESTER, Conor; POWELL, Kayleigh; POWELL, Seb; RICHARDS, Emily; SIAGIAN, Jess; TOWNSEND, Tia-Louise.

The Ten Tors Challenge will begin at 07.00 on Saturday 11th May and conclude at 17.00 on Sunday 12th May. I wish the team all the energy, spirit and heart to complete Ten Tors 2019.

Ten Tors Training 2019 Week 9

H Blackburn Poltair Ten Tors Team Manager 1227


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Following our upgrade to Office 365 we can now offer all students free licenses to use the latest version of Microsoft Office at home, this includes Microsoft Office on a Mac, and also Microsoft Office on Android or iOS.

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