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Ten Tors Training 2019 Week 4

As the team placed one foot in front of the other as the sun set on Friday 29th March, temperatures dropped as the team walked into camp, a wild area of moorland near Belstone. The team was self-sufficient, co-operative and in good spirits as they pitched their tents and ate their boil in the bag meals before settling down for a very chilly night.

Alarms went off at 04.00 and the team was pro-active and incredibly supportive of each other in a bid to be ready to leave by 06.00. It was a truly beautiful day on the hill once the sun came up and broke through the mist. A challenging training day was had by the team with our first complete day of sunshine making conditions challenging in a completely different way!

The team will be training hard in preparation for the MOCK two weeks before Ten Tors 2019 in May.

H Blackburn Poltair Ten Tors Team Manager 1227



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