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Ten Tors Training 2019 Week 4

W5 training began with bright blue skies and sunshine on Saturday 2nd March. With Met Office reports of tough conditions later on in the day, it was crucial to walk the miles early on!

'We started off well! We checked in at Bellever Tor ahead of time - we focused on the route and we pushed ourselves hard. We motivated and helped each other out when we needed it. We decided that keeping the momentum going to Royal Hill was a good plan - which was difficult but definitely worth it. We all tried our best as a team and we learn so much each time we train.' Kaycee Brassington.

The weather changed dramatically after midday with low mist, bitter wind and rain. The teams had a cut off time with poor conditions coming in and lack of daylight. The next training is the first of the wild camps!

Ten Tors Training 2019 Week 4

Miss Blackburn Ten Tors Team Manager


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Free Software For Children

Following our upgrade to Office 365 we can now offer all students free licenses to use the latest version of Microsoft Office at home, this includes Microsoft Office on a Mac, and also Microsoft Office on Android or iOS.

Office 365 At Poltair

Click the link above to download your copy now!