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On Saturday 17th November Jay Clemow was invited to attend the Bulls on Parade fight show which was held by the Taurus gym from Plymouth. Jay was invited to represent the Byrne blackbelt academy.The event took place at the Pryzm night club Plymouth.

Jay was to fight a fighter of the same age and weight, yet different styles of martial arts in a boxing ring. Jay is predominately a points / light continuous fighter whereas his opponent was trained in k1 continuous. Jay weighed in at 46kg and his opponent weighed in at 45kg. Jay was to be coached by senior coach and sensei Bradley Byrne from the Byrne blackbelt academy.

The fight was to be fought over 3 x 1 minute 30 second rounds and to be in the style of light continuous fighting. The scoring was to be scored similar to boxing scores 10-9 or 10-8 if an opponent had a standing count. Jay was nervous on the approach to the ring as he had never fought in a ring before and in front of a 350+ crowd. After his warm up with coach Bradley, Jay was ready for his first boxing ring experience.

Once the bell rang for the start of the round the nerves went and Jay went into fight mode straight out of the blocks and over to his opponent. Jay dominated the 1st round with some vicious kicking and followed up by body punches. His opponent tried extremely hard to get inside the leg kicking of Jay and attack to the body of jay. Unfortunately due to the training of points fighting he was unable to get closer. His opponent took a standing count and the 1st round finished.

They had a 1 minute break and then into round 2. Jay carries on where he left off and his opponent had a flurry of attacks to try and get inside Jay's kicking range. Unfortunately Jay's kicking and follow ups were too much for his opponent and the fight finished mid way though the 2nd round. Jay was supported by over 25 fellow club members from the Byrne blackbelt academy including his older brother Josh.

Poltair School are very proud of you Jay and wish you luck in the up and coming international fights you have in Ireland next year.

Bulls on Parade Bulls on Parade
Bulls on Parade



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