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KYBA is a formal book meeting for schools around the county. It stands for the Kernow Youth Book Awards. Each year we read six books and then vote on which we think is the best. After all the votes are in we have a book ceremony where all the authors come and sign our books. A winner is announced and the author wins a trophy. This year was also a special due to it being the 10th anniversary.

We were welcomed into the official meeting by Nicholas Walker, who is an author of many books. He told us that 'you make money to write, you don't write to make money.'

Each school had the choice to do a presentation on their favourite book or books. As it was our first time and we were only in year 7, we chose not to. The best presentation would win a prize.

The first presentation was a book mash up, which included every single book hoping to win the award: One, The Art of Being Normal, Demon Road, The Lost and the Found, Car-Jacked and The Next Together. The audience had been given a critic sheet to fill in about the performances which would then be used to make the final decision. The mash up was by Redruth School and was quite good. Then there was a scene from Demon Road by Penryn which had exciting acting. Next was The Art of Being Normal which was performed by Mounts Bay. This act had great sound effects.

As the first three presentations were complete it was time for a talk by none other than Lisa Williamson who wrote The Art of Being Normal. The next three acts were The Art of Being Normal by Tretherras, The Lost and the Found by St Ives and Car Jacked by Truro School. Each show was equally amazing and entertained the authors and audience alike.

Next was the talk by Ali Sparkes, who wrote Car-Jacked. Ali kindly gave the school a free, signed poster of her books. She told us about the first ever book she wrote when she was 15 and made some awful puns that had everyone cracking up.

We were given 20 minutes to go to the book stand and get some amazing deals. All of us bought the books used in KYBA and had them signed. After that Sir James' Smith's, Wadebridge and Humphry Davy completed their presentations. They were all unique.

For the final speech, Lauren James took to the stage. She is the author of the The Next Together series. The trilogy is brilliantly written. She told us all about the experiences she went through to become a writer and told us how amazing it is that most of us wanted to become authors.

As the finale, Nicholas Walker announced the winner of KYBA 2017 - drumroll please...

The winner is...

Lisa Williamson!!!! Author of The Art of Being Normal.

She thanked everyone and took her trophy with a smile. Can't wait for next year's nominations. Anyone who likes reading can join the KYBA meetings

Written By Emilie Hamilton, Tamsin Goodrich and Bronwen Craddock



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