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On the Friday 30th of September the Year 11 prefects took part in an 'Army Training Day' which tested the students' leadership and team work skills

The day started off with a briefing from one of the activity leaders then the prefects headed up to the basketball courts and started the day's schedule. First of all small groups of prefects went to different activity stations that were specifically designed to test the prefects' ability to think about a situation and quickly act in the best possible way.

After the prefects and army personnel had their break they then started another session of activities to test the prefects' team work and to see if any natural leaders formed. At the end of the day the army invited all the prefects to take part on their climbing wall. At first a couple of the prefects didn't feel they could bring themselves to climb the wall, however from peer support and a little bit of pressure everyone managed to climb part or all of the wall.

In my opinion the day showed me that we have a very strong and able team of prefects this year who have the capabilities to undertake any challenge set to them. From students' responses, they had a really enjoyable day and learned a lot about themselves, their friends and the army.

Year 11 Army Training Day Image 1 Year 11 Army Training Day Image 2



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