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On Friday, 20th May, Mrs. Venables, Mr. Sampson, and Miss May accompanied the GCSE Media Studies students on a special trip to the Sky Skills Studio in West Osterley, London. Pupils worked with Sky News professionals to learn how they write, film and edit the TV News, including learning about what happens both on and off screen.

Poltair students at Sky Skills Studio
Poltair students at Sky Skills Studio Poltair students at Sky Skills Studio

Upon arrival at Sky (after an eventful bus journey and dramatic arrival), the pupils were given a lively health and safety briefing by the Team Leader, Serge, who set pupils at ease before we were whisked off on a whirlwind tour of the epic Sky Studios. On the Share Floor, they watched the engineers in charge of broadcasting TV programmes and were amazed that it's only a two second delay between the signal leaving Sky to reaching our TV's at home. On the Make Floor, they learned how the lighting engineers make the "silks" (the backgrounds on set) look as if the presenters were outside, and they examined professional video cameras that cost more than Mrs. Venables' house!

Poltair students at Sky Skills Studio Poltair students at Sky Skills Studio

After a short spell hanging out in the Sky Sports Broadcasting Centre, pupils were let loose in the studios to create a broadcast of their own. Their set topic was "Mind, Body and Sport" and pupils utilised their research and prepared scripts to create their news report. They moved swiftly into action, taking on exciting roles such as news anchors, producers, film crew and reporters. Changing into costumes solidified their new professional personas, and Elliot and Lewis did a stellar job in setting a serious tone for the report. Jacob took charge as the leading camera man in his studio, and under the direction of his producer, Lauren, filmed the dynamic duo's introduction. Other students acted as experts, such as Sam, who played the role of a headteacher who had banned junk food in his school; Keagan, who became a diva model, taking the controversial view that size does matter; and of course, what sport report would be complete without the professional footballer and broadcaster, Chris Kamara (aka Callum)?

Poltair students at Sky Skills Studio

The highlight of the day, though, occurred when Sam G, Sam B, Callum, and Liam spotted the signed football shirts upstairs in Sky Sports. After having their pictures taken with their favourite teams, one of the security guards recognised fellow football fanatics and allowed the boys to hold the coveted Soccer AM signed football for a photo. Because he was so impressed with their enthusiasm, he then promised to obtain a signed football for the school, which he will be sending to us shortly.


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