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Walking in the footsteps of the longstanding team moto, the Poltair team consisting of Cita Prowse (Team Leader); Alfie Adams; Rachael Hide; Ryan Mouer; Liam Williams and Josh Wright successfully fulfilled 35 miles with a rhythm of 'start together, hike together, finish together'. Amongst them hundreds of teams crossed the finish line on Sunday 8th May.

Okehampton Camp was the 'Base Camp' for Team Managers, support teams, staff & parents throughout the Ten Tors Challenge; the continuous buzz of people straining to see updates in the 'Hangar' over the weekend where team tor checkpoint times were drip fed into the system.

As Sunday progressed, teams were arriving at Anthony's Stile en masse! Cita Prowse, Team Leader of the 35 mile team reflects; '2016 was my second time participating in the 35 mile Ten Tors challenge. Training this year was certainly testing at times but with our determination and Miss Blackburn's belief in us, we were able to succeed. It is definitely physically and mentally challenging but an absolutely amazing experience! I am so pleased and proud of the team and myself.'

Helen Blackburn (Team Manager) explains what Ten Tors and her team means to her; 'Ten Tors has had an enormous impact on my life personally having completed the 35, 45 and 55 mile and consequently on the lives of others through becoming a Team Manager at Poltair. Dartmoor is in my heart and in my blood. This year was no exception especially on the back of the training season - I was incredibly overwhelmed when the 35 mile team banner appeared on the horizon.'

Ten Tors affects each and every young person taking part both physically and mentally. Rachael Hide, team member said ''s a time you can find out who others are and who you are...'. Josh Wright another team member also gained greatly from the experience and had this to say '...the mental aspect of Ten Tors was the real challenge for me; being a physical and active person. Ten Tors was thrilling but I still found the very hard experience of training exciting and memorable. Personally I think that the little things on the ten tors challenge like reaching camp at the end of a cruel day on the moors or waking up at 4:00 in the morning and watching the moors awaken was one of my main highlights. Ten Tors will definitely be something I remember for the rest of my life.'

Poltair Ten Tors Team 2016

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