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On the Thursday, 10th March 2016, a group of Year 8 pupils were reporters for the day as part of the 10th Annual BBC School News Report. Along with Mrs. Venables, they spent the day sniffing out news stories from around the school. The students created a news video, including filming and editing the news. Watch it now:

In order to create the news, they had to plan and research their news stories, write questions for interviews, and learn how to film and edit the video - all within one school day! Some of the topics they covered were the Performing Arts Show, the election in America, the impact of Option Choices and what the school has done to raise money for charities. They even included a special feature on the effects of El Nino and the weather!

BBC Newsreport 2016

Most exciting of all, four of our Year 8 students, Rhys, Paul, Chelsea and Tyler, received a phone call from Nick Grimshaw (Radio 1 Breakfast Show's Presenter) and they had an exclusive interview with him about the importance of the BBC's #1millionhours Campaign. He told them that by participating in the #1millionhours event, they learn not to be selfish and are taught how other people live. He added that "it's better to give your time and patience than money." The students also learned that, as a school, we have given nearly £31,000 to charities over the last few years - a rather impressive amount!

Grimshaw gave Rhys an exclusive when he told him that he was going to do his own "Grimathlon" to rival the Gregathlon completed earlier this year by Greg James, the Drive Time Presenter on Radio 1. And Rhys was even cheeky enough to ask Grimshaw if he would follow Rhys on his Snapchat account! Fortunately for Grimmy, he said no, but Rhys is still living in hope that this will change in the future.

BBC Newsreport 2016

As a former participant of the BBC School News Report, I think that doing this is important because, as well as finding out about recent news in school and around the world, it can give students an opportunity to experience what being a news reporter is like. It can also boost our confidence in being in front of a camera. It's a great learning experience!


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