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Poltair English and Art Department are working on a project linking Art and literacy together. Some Year 7 English students and also Year 9 art students have had the opportunity to be involved in a project called 'Story Republic', this has been set up by the organisation KEAP.

Both Year groups attended a very sunny outdoor visit to Wheal Martyn on the 26th of February, they used the surroundings of this old mining area and the experience of the visiting poet, to get immersed in the environment.

On Friday 26th February, the Year 9 students worked with the artist John Keys to create a 3D story telling of Wheal Martyn creating their ideas from recycled books.

The Year 7 students produced some particularly impressive poems.

The students work will become part of an exhibition that is taking place at Wheal Martyn over Easter.

Story Republic image 2

Story Republic by Michaela, Amy, Kayna and Sophie

Year 7 English Set 1 were given the privilege to work with a published, local poet named Lucy. We also got the chance to go Wheal Martyn where we got inspiration for different kinds of poems such as kennings, diamantes and many more. We read Cornish poets' poems such as Jack Clemo and James Goodman, where we cut and paste to make poems of our own.

At Wheal Martyn, we explored the site and travelled up to the top of one of the clay pits. As we reached the top, we found inspiration to use in our poems. We saw the beautiful landscape, which was magnificent. We took in the picturesque scene of where the clay workers used to mine everyday under all conditions.

Lucy is a creative, moving poet who takes in every word from every poet she knows and analyses it within the class. She also taught us how to edit your poems to make them even better and imaginative. The photos that Mrs Whitbread-Abrutat took were helpful as they made our imaginations flow to create our original poems!

We also got the amazing and mind-blowing opportunity to present them at Wheal Martyn ourselves! Also, we are doing something special at the Truro Festival but we don't know what it is yet... So prepare yourself.


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