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Poltair News Team is an after school club that runs in E7 every Tuesday Week B from 3pm to 4pm Mrs Venables and Ms Hyett work with students to write articles for Spotlight about school events, participate in the annual BBC School News Report, and enter writing competitions for the BBC and other organisations.

We have an exciting new team this year and we wanted to introduce ourselves. If you know of any school events that you would like covered, please let Mrs. Venables or Ms. Hyett know, and we will be in touch.

Introducing the New Poltair News Team
Ben, Senior Editor
Hobbies:I play guitar and spend time with my family
Favourite Subject:History without a doubt!
Favourite Song:"Everlong2 by Foo Fighters (Dave Grohl is an absolute legend!)
Favourite Book:The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime by Mark Haddon (It's a must read!)
Favourite Food:Fish and Chips from Rex's in Bugle!
Dream Job:A Teacher or Journalist
Wish for the Future:World Peace and free McDonalds for everyone...
Why I Joined Poltair News Team:I have a passion for writing and documenting events that happen around the school
Jess, Senior Editor
Hobbies:Playing on the Xbox, reading and listening to music
Favourite Song:"Smells Like Teen Spirit" by Nirvana
Favourite Subject: Media Studies and English
Favourite Computer Game:Minecraft
Favourite Book:The Divergent series by Veronica Roth
Dream Job:News reporter or English teacher
Wish for the Future:To travel to Italy
Favourite Food:Pasta and Roast Dinner
Why I Joined Poltair News Team:So I could help report news in Poltair
Keagan, Assistant Editor
Hobbies:Gaming and playing/using computers
Favourite Subject:Media because it is a good subject with an amazing teacher!
Favourite Song:Whatever, Whenever
Favourite Sport:Cricket because it's a good game of strategy
Favourite Book:Maze Runner by James Dashner
Favourite Food:Pasta
Dream Job:Graphic designer because I like computers and editing things
Wish for the Future: Good family and well paid job
Why I Joined Poltair News Team:If I can't get my dream job, I would love to become a reporter.
Harry, Photographer/Reporter
Hobbies:Playing the ukulele, photography and gaming
Favourite Song:Depends on my mood
Favourite Subject:Photography
Favourite Game:Dodgeball
Favourite Book:Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin
Favourite Food:Pizza
Dream Job:War photographer, to inform the world on affairs and to do something I truly love: journalism and photography
Wish for the Future:Travel most or all of the world
Why I Joined Poltair News Team:It will look good on my CV and because I'll learn skills that will help me with my dream job
Daniel, Reporter
Hobbies:Playing on Xbox and cooking
Favourite Subject:All subjects (safe answer so I don't get detentions from my teachers!)
Favourite Song:"Picking up The Pieces" By Paloma Faith
Favourite Computer Game:Minecraft
Favourite Book:Minecraft Handbooks
Favourite Food:Biscuits and Pasta bake
Dream Job: IT technician or actor
Wish For the Future: To create a popular game
Why I Joined Poltair News Team: To work well in a team and to become a journalist
Willow, Reporter
Hobbies:Baking and Swimming
Favourite Subject:Art and Science
Favourite Song:Random
Favourite Sport:Swimming and Basketball
Favourite Book:Harry Potter and The Fault in Our Stars
Favourite Food:Cupcakes
Dream Job: Professional Baker
Wish For the Future: To be a Professional Baker and run my own bakery
Why I Joined Poltair News Team: I joined the Poltair News Team to become better at English
Emily, Reporter
Favourite Subject:PE, Maths, Science
Favourite Song:"Hello" by Adele
Favourite Sport:Triathlon
Favourite Book:Twilight, Hunger Games, Harry Potter
Favourite Food:Brownie
Dream Job: Scientist
Wish For the Future: To live in France
Why I Joined Poltair News Team: So I could become better at English and I like Mrs Venables

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