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A group of year 7 students took part in a wellbeing group, run by the school counsellor. The aim of the group was to provide a supportive environment with other students to raise self-esteem through a range of activities including mask work, making collages and group discussions.

Wellbeing GroupWellbeing Group Wellbeing Group

The five year 7 girls were selected by their tutors or year managers who thought that they would benefit from being part of a group. All girls were given the choice to be in the group and were really keen to try it.

The group looked at topics such as; what is self-esteem, things that may lower our self-esteem, body image and how to increase self-esteem. The group worked for six weeks in total, each week having a different topic leading on from the previous week. At the end of the group the girls got to take away a folder of their work created, as well as some information they can refer to for support in the future.

Wellbeing Group

"The group was the first of hopefully many wellbeing groups to run within the school. Low self-esteem is a common problem with many young people and can have a hugely negative impact on young people's wellbeing and happiness, I feel that it is important that it is talked about and worked on increasing" - Mrs Hearn (School counsellor

Here are some comments from members of the group; "My self-esteem has definitely improved from this group, just talking to other girls who felt the same really helped me", "I was nervous about starting the group but it was so fun, we got to make masks to explore the difference between who we are on the inside and outside, I loved that!", "I enjoyed looking at the body image stuff, I can't believe how many pictures in magazines are airbrushed!".

It has been incredible watching the girl's confidence grow week after week, they really engaged with the topics and worked well as a group, it was lovely to be involved" - Mrs Hearn.


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