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"The tug of war was fun - it was really challenging too as the astro turf was slippery & the rope hurt my hands."
Karon & Patrick

On Thursday 3 July, Year 5 pupils from Pondhu and Bishop Bronescombe Primary Schools, visited Poltair to see if they were cut out to be World War One soldiers. On the day, Sergeant Adams, Sergeant Marshall, Corporal Wilson and Captain Shepherd led the event which consisted of 5 different stations, each aiming at developing the following skills of the pupils; balance, agility, intelligence, communication and teamwork.

The first station was a test of speed, how fast could the pupils move through the cones? The second station was about intelligence, each pupil had to jump hurdles and commando crawl through 'No-Man's Land' to get to the enemy's trench, collect a letter to take back to the start to make long words. Each letter meant a point, each point meant an extra second in the final assault course. The third station was a test of balance; each person had to carry a glass of water across 'No-Man's Land' to the other side. To make it more difficult each person had to balance on a bench, if they fell off they had to empty their cup on the floor and go back to the start. The winner was the team who had filled their bucket with the most water at the end. The next challenge was the tyre challenge. All they had to do was get across a stretch of astro-turf, only stepping on the tyres. The penultimate challenge was to build a free standing structure to hold a large group of pupils without falling over. Elementary UK (an Outdoor Education company) came in to teach the pupils how to tie knots.

"Today will teach the students 'thinking skills' as well as providing enjoyment"
Mrs Allen
"challenging, difficult, exciting, hard."
Leah, Willow, Jessica & Nicola

After a much needed drink break, on the hottest day of the year so far, the Year 5 pupils took part in the final, most difficult challenge 'the assault course'. The assault course had to be completed carrying a cup of water in one hand and the aim was to fill up the bucket at the other end of the course. The winners were Bishop Bronescombe who received a 5 second advantage.

Thank you to Pondhu and Bishop Bronescombe for attending the event, Mr Marshall and Mr Adams for organising the day and Mrs Trevarthen for getting the drinks and biscuits.

"Today has been about team work & how tough it was to be a soldier in WW1."
Mrs Adams

Report by Ben Bassett Photographs by Holly Courtney


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