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On Wednesday, 30 April, Katie Sturtridge, Rebecca Short, Jessica Allen and I were privileged enough to be invited to the Keay Theatre, Cornwall College St Austell for The Kernow Youth Book Awards. A book award like none other! Our group was put together by Mrs Hancock, and assisted by Mrs Rootes.

Kernow book awards group

This year, Kernow King was present - it's not often you meet Cornish Royalty (we're an Ethnic Minority now)! As ever, he put his comical spin on things - starting with a few Cornish jokes. Kernow King also had a lengthy conversation with us about his days at Poltair and expressed his opinion on the teachers: "Mrs Golding and Mrs Gaukroger were my favourite teachers". This was followed by a shocked face when we said they are still teaching us!

Two authors: Liz Kessler and Chris Higgins were also in attendance. Liz Kessler and Chris Higgins are both award-winning authors of 'North of Nowhere' and 'The Day I Met Suzie' respectively. Both authors did a Q&A and a book-signing (pictured).

Kernow book awards group1

The nominated books were 'North of Nowhere' by Liz Kessler, 'The Day I Met Suzie' by Chris Higgins, 'The Bunker Diary' by Kevin Brooks, 'The Battles of Ben Kingdom' by Andrew Beasley, 'Hero on a Bicycle' by Shirley Hughes and the winning book 'The Street Cat Named Bob' By James Bowen. We also had a Pasty!

The day was epic!

Do you like reading? Have you read any of the books above (I strongly recommend them)? Have you read any outstanding books recently? Why not sign up to take part next year - just put down your name on the list displayed in the library to be part of this amazing experience.

By Ben Bassett Year 9


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