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World Book Week 2014

Last week was World Book Week. Throughout the week the library was packed with us wonderful students listening to the interesting and exciting extracts of our favourite teachers' favourite books. Many bestsellers were read, as well as some of the old classics.

The best part was that everybody was so engaged in the stories; three 'Story tellers' really stood out: Mrs Trevarthen, dressed in a pirate costume read from the book "Revolting Rhymes" which is a compilation of fairy tales rewritten by Roald Dahl. But the fairy tales aren't your ordinary fairy tales, oh no, they are what actually happened in those fairy tales ie The Three Little Pigs get cooked and eaten by the wolf in one of the Revolting Rhymes!

World Book Week 2014

Mr Butterworth was another of my favourites, although not just because of the book he read, but because of his (Mr)Incredible costume. However, my overall 'joint' favourites were Mr Adams and Mr Shepherd who read our favourite picture books, "We're going on a Bear Hunt" and "The Gruffalo" by Julia Donaldson - but with a twist. The readings were interactive and the library was turned into a deep dark forest. Whilst Mr Adams read the story, we followed Mr Shepherd around the library doing the actions and using tables as caves! We would even chant some of the words "We're going on a bear hunt, we're going to catch a big one, we're not scared!"

World Book Week 2014

There were also some other activities that took place for the students who don't particularly like to read. For the Year 7s, there was a full treasure hunt in which they had to find the teachers who were wearing the costume in the picture. On Thursday, we were finally allowed to dress up. This made our day fun and unusual. At 12.00 noon, the whole school stopped to read for 10 minutes.

But why do we do all of this? It's about getting closer to reading. Some children in the country have never picked up a book before in their life. Reading is amazing. It is unlike any other type of entertainment. You can take your time and also visualise scenes the way you want to, rather than being restricted to watching a movie with terrible special effects! There is also more choice when it comes to reading: there are over 130,000,000 different books in existence compared to only 1,769,207 movies (according to the lMDB).

World Book Week 2014

This year to celebrate the event 8 new World Book Day books were published, written by 8 best-selling authors. The best bit is that they are all completely free in exchange for the World Book Day £1 tokens given to 14 million children across the country. This means 14 million children across the country are reading one of the 8 books - and you are one of them!

So what are you waiting for? Get reading!

Report by Ben Bassett


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