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Mock Exams

Year 10 and 11 get exam ready!

Over the past fortnight, pupils in Year 10 and 11 have taken part in mock exams in preparation for their final GCSE exams that are fast approaching.

The exams are designed to give pupils a taste of what the final exam will be like whilst also providing an assessment point for teachers. For many pupils, this has highlighted where areas of strength exist and where, perhaps most importantly, they need to focus their energies on improving.

On Thursday 30 January, the pupils were issued their results in the style of a final results day, really giving a sense of what they might achieve. There were many happy pupils who were pleased that the preparation they had completed ahead of the exams had paid off.

Now that the mocks are complete, teachers will be inviting those pupils who require additional exam preparation support to attend enrichment sessions taking place after school between 3.00 and 4.15pm Tuesday-Friday. We would welcome your support in encouraging pupils to attend these sessions as we know from experience that attendance at these sessions can make a significant difference to the final grade achieved.

Can we also make a plea that you encourage your child to be in school for as many sessions as possible over the remainder of this academic year - attendance at all lessons makes a huge difference to overall performance.

In the next month, we will also be holding meetings with parents and carers of pupils who we are particularly concerned about achieving their best possible grades in all of their subjects.

The final exam period is fast approaching and there is plenty of advice and guidance to help. A good starting place is the following websites:

Look out on our website for more guidance on how to help your child to prepare for their exams - coming soon!

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your child's performance in the mock exams or indeed their performance in class, please contact their subject teacher in the first instance.


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Free Software For Children

Following our upgrade to Office 365 we can now offer all students free licenses to use the latest version of Microsoft Office at home, this includes Microsoft Office on a Mac, and also Microsoft Office on Android or iOS.

Office 365 At Poltair

Click the link above to download your copy now!