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The Kernow Youth Book Awards is an award voted for purely by teenagers. The 6 shortlisted books this year were Entangled by Cat Clarke, Itch by Simon Mayo, My Name is Mina by David Almond, Small Change for Stuart by Lissa Evans, White Dolphin by Gill Lewis and Monster Calls by Patrick Ness. Pupils in Cornish schools then read the 6 books and voted for their favourite book to find the winner. The awards ceremony was brilliant. Some schools gave a presentation about their favourite book and these were quite interesting because they were presented in a variety of ways - short films, plays, reading extracts and PowerPoint presentations. Two of the authors came to do a talk, Chris Higgins and Lissa Evans who both also did book signings. Lissa Evans signed my copy of Big Change for Stuart and we had a quick chat - she's very down to earth. The other authors who could not make it did however send us a video answering questions and talking about their books.

The awards were led by Bob McCredie who we all know from Pirate FM.He also signed his new picture for young children called Freddy the Flamingo. Included in the afternoon was some fruit and a Kit-Kat and as it's the KERNOW youth book awards of course there was a pasty which as we Cornish folk say was absolutely 'ansome!

Now you all want to find out who won the awards... Well the results are in...

The results were close and the winner was A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness

My favourite book was White Dolphin by Gill Lewis. Our other favourites were Itch voted for by Teigan, My Name is Mina voted for by Katy and Entangled voted for by Matthew.

Thanks to Mrs Hancock, Miss Braithwaite, Mrs Warwick, Katy Mumford, Matthew Horsfield and Teigan Nicholls for supporting the awards.

Who knows you could be at KYBA this time next year meeting your favourite authors! If you would like to get involved then speak to Mrs Hancock in the library.

Report written by Ben Bassett



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