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Poltair Residents' Association held a barbecue on Saturday, August 11, at Lostwood Community Garden to celebrate the first stage of creating a mural on the old electricity sub station by the garden.

The group expressed their great thanks to Eileen Pearson, art teacher at Poltair School, who designed and organised seven of her students to paint this wonderful mural.

Eileen said: "A small team of seven students worked for two days in July - they were very lucky with the weather.

It was wonderful over the two days. As they started on Monday all the local children started to appear and help paint the mural. This was really wonderful as we had the real local children helping. This gave them a real feeling of ownership and also means they will feel proud and responsible for the mural in the future.

In the end we had five to 15 year olds painting. Lots of people were commenting on the mural, all very positive.

I felt very proud of our children."

The mural shows St. Austell Church, Cornish Cross Memorial at St. Austell Church, Great Treverbyn Sky Tip, Eden domes, Gribben Daymark, Charlestown Harbour, Tall ship based at Charlestown, Olympic Ribbon,and Torch, Mine Engine House, Trenance Viaduct and charming Neddy the horse and his friends the sheep and cows, against the background of St. Austell Bay.

On the gravestones are the names of famous St. Austell residents (A L Rowse, Daphne du Maurier, John Lovering, Henry D Pochin, Walter Hicks and Charles Rashleigh).

There's a cat hiding under the umbrella in the middle of the gravestones and a fox's face peeping out of the hedge near the sheep! It is signed along the bottom by the artists.

There will be a second mural paint on the end of the Sub Station in September which Eileen is also organising, This mural will have a central tree of life, list all of the funders, have a little bit of narrative about how the project came about, describe the concept of sustainable horticulture - permaculture and show the themes for the various parts of the garden.

Original story published in the St. Austell Voice on 22 August 2012



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